Carol Gonnella Bio

Carol Gonnella is the founder, and was the co-owner and President of GONNELLA ADAMSON, PC, a law firm in Jackson, Wyoming, dedicated to assisting clients with their estate and business planning needs.  Carol practiced law from 1976 to 2015 and emphasized estate and business planning in her practice since 1990.  During its operation, Carol Gonnella and the firm of GONNELLA ADAMSON, PC had the highest rating given by Martindale Hubbell, a peer review rating company that evaluates and rates attorneys nationally.

Co-Founder of Teton Agents in 2003.



Undergraduate degree from the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington.

Law degree from Seattle University, Seattle, Washington.

Fellow of the EP Institute.  Graduate of Masters I.


Professional Memberships



Member of the Wyoming Estate Planning Advisory Council.

Founding member of e.Planners Educational Alliance, a national nonprofit organization of estate planning attorneys.

Member of the EP Institute, Masters Continuum.

Member of the Wyoming State Bar Association.

Member of the Washington State Bar Association.

Member of the Teton County Bar Association.

Member of Wealth Council.

Founding member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.

Martindale-Hubbell “AV” Rating.

Governor’s Appointee to the Wyoming Excellence in Education Committee.


Teaching Positions


Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University, Academy of Multidisciplinary Practice.

Instructor for the EP Institute, Advanced Studies Program, teaching sophisticated estate planning strategies to attorneys.

Instructor for WealthCouncil, an Educational Company for Estate Planning Attorneys.


Published Works


A Comparison of the Wyoming LLC and the Arizona LLC, coauthored with Cecil Smith, Arizona Bar Journal.

Living and Learning:  Planning for Retirement and Education, (contributing author).

Love, Money and Control, Reinventing Estate Planning (contributing author).

Legacy, How to Plan Your Estate (contributing author).

Generations, Planning Your Legacy (contributing author).

Estate Planning for the Overfunded Retirement Plan, Orthopedics Today.

Review in Conspectus Current, Uses and Benefits of Conservation Easements After the 2002 Tax Act.

The Wyoming Close LLC KIT, Co-authored with Cecil Smith.

The Big IRA Book, co-authored with Cecil Smith, and Bob Keebler.


Publications Authored


Cecil & Carol’s Big Book of Business Entities.

The Dynasty Trust.

The Family Limited Partnership.

The Bert and Ernie Trust.

The Importance of Funding Your Trust.

The Wyoming LLC.


Manager & Directorships of Non-Charitable Organizations


Director, e.Planners Educational Alliance.





Directorships of Charitable Organizations


Director of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.


Past Directorships of Charitable Organizations


Director of Rotary Club of Jackson Hole.

Director of Teton Science School.

Director of Dancers Workshop.

Director of Delta Society, a national nonprofit with offices in Seattle, Washington.

Director, Off Broadway Grill, Inc.