Shelby Dietzel Bio

Shelby was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Throughout her youth, Shelby most enjoyed spending time with her group of friends and playing competitive fastpitch softball. She attended the University of Wyoming in 2003 and worked as an umpire for men’s and women’s slowpitch softball during the summers. She met her future husband, Jeff, during her first summer in Laramie. The two married and graduated from their undergraduate studies in 2006.

While there was a brief period where the two moved out of Laramie, Shelby eventually agreed to move back to town when Jeff decided to attend the UW Law School. That is when Shelby began her career in the heavy construction field working in the office and managing her company’s daily affairs. This was a wonderful opportunity that brought her a great sense of accomplishment as well as admiration for all the hard work involved in running a small business. Working closely with the president of that company who worked out in the field day-in and day-out motivated her to bring out the best she had to offer with the goal of lifting some of the administrative burden. After seven years in this position the company went through various noteworthy transformations and became something very dear and special to her. She considers her former employers to be very close friends and is very proud of the position she left behind to pursue Teton Agents full-time.