Company History

How It Started

Founded in 2003 and Providing Professional Registered Agent Services for over 21 years

The goal has always been to set ourselves apart by providing the highest level of professional, personal service. We prioritize quality over quantity. As a small office, we have the ability to address client matters directly and never outsource out client care. Our clients truly appreciate having another knowledgeable and experienced professional in their corner.

We serve clients and trusted professionals from across the country

Wyoming is a remarkable state, with a true natural beauty, open spaces, and a business-friendly environment.  Wyoming consistently seeks to provide fair business opportunities, free of unnecessary taxes and expenses, and with some of the best liability protection laws in the country. Business owners choose Wyoming as a jurisdiction to take advantage of these liability protections without additional costly burdens or reporting. It is important to operate professionally to ensure these protections remain available if ever needed, which includes taking seriously the responsibilities of your registered agent.