The Advantages of Wyoming

The Advantages

You Have the Choice of Jurisdiction When Creating Your Business Entity

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Available to Anyone

Residents of any state can establish a Wyoming LLC. Filing can be done online in minutes. You don't need to reside in Wyoming or own property in Wyoming; you will however need to have a trusted Registered Agent physically located in the State. Teton Agents, LLC can help walk you through the filing process, and meets the statutory requirement for your Registered Agent.

Tax-Friendly State

Wyoming is tax friendly to both individuals and business entities. Wyoming has no state inheritance tax or gift tax. There is no state income tax, inventory tax, use tax, or intangibles tax. There is no Franchise and Excise tax. The Members of a Wyoming LLC will only be subject to federal income taxes; Members may still be liable for taxes in the jurisdiction where they liv and/or earn income, but will not be liable for additional taxes in Wyoming simply for organizing as a Wyoming entity.

Privacy for Owners

In most cases, Wyoming allows total privacy for owners and managers of business entities registered in the State, especially when creating an LLC. There are many reasons to preserve your privacy, and owning a Wyoming LLC is a great way to help with this. Information on Members OR Managers of a Wyoming LLC does not appear in the public records of Wyoming.

Industry Leader in Liability Protection

All limited liability companies provide a separation of liability between the business entity and its owners. However, not all states have the same laws governing the remedies available to creditors. Wyoming statutes specifically limit creditor remedies making it especially difficult to reach the assets of the LLC. Under Wyoming law, the creditor of a Member can only access distributions made to the Member, but the creditor cannot force the LLC to make such distributions. This is known as charging order protection and Wyoming statutes extend this protection to single-member LLCs making Wyoming one of the best jurisdictions to protect your LLC and the assets in it.

Teton Agents has the experience and dedication to responsibly serve your business.

Do not underestimate the important service registered agents perform for the entities they represent. More importantly, do not let your registered agent downplay their own importance to YOUR business entity. You want a registered agent who looks out for you. Teton Agents strives to provide a full compliment of services including filing reminders, explanation, and assistance. Your registered agent is the statutorily required point of contact for your business entity in the State of Wyoming. It is important your agent be reliable, trustworthy, and well organized. Any official correspondence from the Courts or the Secretary of State may be directed to your business entity through your registered agent and you want the peace of mind knowing you have someone in your corner who takes this responsibility seriously. Delays, errors, or missed correspondence could have detrimental consequences to your business. Know that Teton Agents has the experience and dedication to responsibly serve your business.