About Us

In 2002, estate planning attorneys Cecil Smith and Carol Gonnella were invited by a national educational organization to teach a course about LLCs in Kansas City to other estate planning attorneys.  A few weeks before their presentation the State of Wyoming enhanced their LLC statutes to make them among the best in the United States.  In 1977, Wyoming was the first state to enact statutes permitting the formation of LLCs and soon gained a great reputation for being one of the go-to states to form LLCs.  It took over 20 years for the rest of the states to catch up with Wyoming. Then, in 2002 Wyoming pulled ahead again when they enhanced their LLC statutes.

After teaching the course with Carol in Kansas City, Cecil realized that his Tennessee clients would like the Wyoming LLC for asset protection and estate planning purposes, and he anticipated that very few of his Tennessee clients would have a family member or close friend who lived in Wyoming that could serve as their registered agent … a requirement under Wyoming law.  Cecil saw the need for a professional registered agent to accommodate his Tennessee clients who formed Wyoming LLCs.  In order to be a registered agent, Wyoming law requires a registered agent to be an individual who resides in Wyoming, or a company with a physical office in Wyoming.  Cecil asked Carol (who is part owner of the building in Jackson, Wyoming that houses her law offices) if she would be willing to let her building serve as the headquarters for a company to serve as professional registered agent for Cecil’s clients.  Carol agreed.  Thus, Cecil and Carol became owners of Teton Agents.  To their surprise, estate planning and asset protection lawyers all over the country had an interest in Wyoming LLCs and their clients needed the services of a professional registered agent.

Cecil and Carol began teaching courses to CPAs, financial planners and other estate planning lawyers about the Wyoming LLC.  They formed  TETON INSTITUTE, which is an educational organization that conducts 2-day workshops in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and they have the TETON INSTITUTE ROAD SHOW, that takes the workshop on the road.  Hundreds of estate planning attorneys have graduated from the TETON INSTITUTE.  Over 200 estate planning attorneys across the nation have formed Wyoming LLCs and have referred their clients to Teton Agents to serve as the professional registered agent for their clients.

Teton Agents, LLC supports estate planning and asset protection attorneys from all over the country in the formation and maintenance of Wyoming LLCs for their clients.

In 2017, Jeffrey and Shelby Dietzel became the new owners of Teton Agents, LLC, and have moved the the main office from Jackson, down to Laramie Wyoming. Jeff is an estate planning attorney in Laramie, and made the connection with Carol Gonnella and Teton Agents through mutual friends and colleagues. Jeff and Shelby continue to maintain a close relationship with Carol Gonnella, Ann Smith, and Kristen Walker. Although Jeff and Shelby have taken over the day-to-day operation and management of the Company, they value the experience and input of the previous owners, and everyone is committed to providing our clients with the same level of service they have come to expect from Teton Agents, LLC.

The picture above of Cecil and Carol was taken in Chicago in July 2011 at the WealthCounsel Annual Symposium.  They were at their booth, where they were selling their newest books: The Wyoming LLC Manual and Don’t Make the BIG IRA MISTAKE. They co-authored with the IRA book with CPA, Bob Keebler.  Cecil and Carol also taught a course at the symposium about planning with Wyoming LLCs, Wyoming Domestic Asset Protection Trusts and Wyoming Private Trust Companies.